Mission: The mission of Arroyo Grande swimming is to develop student athletes with great desire, determination, dedication, discipline, and character and can apply those qualities in the pool, in the classroom, and in life.

Team First: Although swimming traditionally is an individual sport, we believe that the team is the most important entity. The team always comes before the individual. All individuals on the team have a role, or a job to do in order to help the team accomplish its goals. The goals, actions, and performances of the individuals are the building blocks for the team.

The Four D’s

Desire: the want, or will, to get better

Determination: the ability to pursue achieving ones goals, even when facing great adversity. “Its not about hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward;  how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” -Rocky Balboa

Dedication: we expect our athletes to commit to the team and to participate: in practices, meets, and any other team activities. We are team and we will train together, win together, lose together, etc… We will do it all as a team and everyone must be willing to be a part of it.

Discipline: the ability to make good decisions, both in and out of the pool. Every athlete must put the team ahead of themselves, and that means athletes shall conduct themselves in manner that effects the team in a positive way. It also means limiting mistakes, and maintaining composure under pressure situations. “If there is none message you never forget, let it be this one: never panic.” -coach Dick Jochums

“Rag Tag”

Take pride in our roots and the way we do things. Most good swim programs in our section are composed of primarily “rent a swimmers,” club swimmers who train with their clubs through the season and then show up at swim meets to swim with their high school teams. They are not really teams. Its more like “fantasy swimming.”

We do not believe in doing things this way: we are a team, and we all train and compete together on a daily basis, for better or for worse. We are all connected: the swimmers, coaches, the school, and the community. We are all extensions of each other. Therefore, every individual’s goals, attitudes, approach, and decisions  have an effect on all the connections of the program. We truly are a family.

This is a fundamental part of the entire Arroyo Grande athletic department: we do more with less.

Fittingly, the Rag Tag slogan was born out of frustration of a a coach of a high powered program who had just lost to AG, a team he had likely never heard of before. “We will never lose to a rag tag team like that again!”  opposing coach’s  statement to his team  after losing the 2014 Mission Viejo invite to AG.

To put it simply, we believe that we can do more with less.






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