Updated Boys Pac-8 Standings

2015- Final Dual Standing Heading into the Pac-8 Championships 

1. Arroyo Grande: 7-0

2. Righetti: 5-2 (tie breaker- beat SLO head to head)

3. San Luis Obispo: 5-2

4. Paso Robles: 3-3 (tie breaker- beat Atascadero head to head)

5. Atascadero: 3-3

6. Mission Prep: 2-5

7. Pioneer Valley 1-6?

8. St. Joseph 0-7?

Final Standings are determined by two things:

1. dual meet wins: each win= 1 point

2. points are awarded to each team based on their finish at the Pac-8 Championship- 1st=8, 2nd=7, 3rd=6, 4th=5, 5th=4, 4th=3, 6th=2, 7th=1, 8th=1: these points are added together with the number of dual meet wins.


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