Updates Times Breakdown with CIF Automatic and Consideration Times


Below is the updated times sheet. Use this to help in formulating your goals for the season.

I have added the actual CIF cuts for this season. Below is a description of each column.

2015 Times Breakdown

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.50.44 AM


Pac-7 8th: what it took to make big finals at league last year

Pac-7 1st: winning time at league last year

Pac-8 record: the league record

CIF Automatic: meeting or going under this time automatically qualifies you for that event at CIF Div 2

CIF Consideration: meeting this time make you eligible to qualify for CIF Div 2- they take the top 36 entries in each event

CIF 36th: this is the time it took to get into CIF Div 2 last year

CIF 18th: time it took to make the B-final at CIF Div 2

CIF 9th: time it took to make the A-final at CIF Div 2

CIF 1st: the winning time for CIF Div 2

CIF record: the record for our division 2

State: the minimum time to be eligible to compete at the new California State Championship meet. The top 5 from our entire Southern Section (top 5 from all four divisions combined) will get to go, but pretty much everyone who makes these at large times will also get to compete

AA: the All-American consideration time

National Record: National High School Record

AG Record: our team records


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